About author

About author

Radek Perlak was born in 1978. He has been living two years in
France and can speak five languages: English, German, French,
Russian and Poland.
Although he passed the secondary school history of art exams, he
is in fact the self-taught painter. His favorite technique is oil on canvas on
Perlak belongs to a group of outsider artists. He was participating
in two theirs recent biggest exhibitions in Poland:
“Why We Have Wars”, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2016
“I’m No longer a Dog”, Silesia Museum in Katowice, 2017

“The COVID-Time was very hard for every one and for artists, too.
There were almost any art events. I hope it’s over, now and I’ll be able to
return to painter activity.”

Radek Perlak

Perlak’s Diplomas:

705# R. Perlak, The portrait of Tracey Emin, Modern Painter Magazine and the author

– Special Recognition Award on Painting Competition in Gallery ZADRA 2013, Warsaw
– Special Recognition Award on SeaScapes Art Competition 2013 in Light Space and Time Online Gallery, USA

– Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2016)
– Zadra Gallery, Warsaw (2014)
– Zadra Gallery, Warsaw (2013)
– Light Space and Time Online Gallery, USA (2013)

– Zadra Gallery, Warsaw (2015)
– Prison Library, Rawicz (2015)